Spring, 2021: Education Outreach Program

Virtual Education Outreach

We've been presenting our education outreach program, A Patchwork of Cultures: Exploring the Sephardic-Latino Connection, for over a decade and are thrilled to have adapted our curriculum to serve virtual classrooms across LA County!

Our program, usually presented through in-class workshops to 4th and 5th graders, has been reimagined for the virtual classroom to include LAJS Teaching Artists, guest speakers, interactive games, short videos, orchestra clips and the creation of a personalized piece of artwork by each student.

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Battle of the Sections

At the end of our Spring 2021 virtual program, students voted for their favorite instrument family!!

What did our participating schools receive?

  • Six 10- to 15-minute lesson modules that include interactive games, guest speakers, LAJS archival concert footage and guest musical performances
  • One teacher guide book per classroom that includes additional activities and discussion points
  • One digital CD that includes recordings of all songs included in the lessons, as well as individual musical instrument samples
  • A culminating virtual "art gallery" featuring student artwork created during the program
  • A culminating streamed concert performed by the full Los Angeles Jewish Symphony, featuring music from the lessons and interactive dialogue with Dr. Noreen Green

Learn more about our education program HERE

We're thankful to all our education program sponsors and collaborators - you make it possible for us to continue engaging students with the arts, and promoting tolerance among the multitude of cultures that comprise our community.