Women of Valor CD Release

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There are so many people to thank, most importantly, there would be no music without the words. We pay tribute to each writer and translator whose inspirational text gave a contemporary voice to these
Women of Valor.

Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton

Ellen Frankel

Robert Friend

Kathryn Hellerstein

Isidor Lillian

Rivka Miriam

Alicia Ostriker

Marge Piercy

Rabbi Geela Ravzel Raphael

Shimon Sandbank

Sandy Shanin

B.Z. Shenker

Roza Yakubovitsh

Linda Zisquit


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                     Cover Art by Louise Clearfield




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Women of Valor is a celebration of women from the Hebrew Bible, inspired by a midrash, where each line of Proverbs 31 represents a biblical woman, but redefined in contemporary terms. Modern poetry and prose, together with ancient texts and Andrea’s powerful and engaging music, tell the stories of ten extraordinary biblical women, each from her own perspective: Sarah, Leah, Rachel, Jocheved, Miriam, Hannah, Yael, Michal, Ruth and Esther.

The poignant texts featured in Women of Valor, expressive of female viewpoints often historically neglected, have been studied widely by interfaith study groups as well as by Jewish and Christian women’s study groups. As educational vehicles, the texts and their musical settings provide a unique opportunity for modern readers to engage in a dialogue between traditional and feminist sensibilities, between literary and musical aesthetics, and between the past and the present.

As our contribution to this dialogue, and in furtherance of the LAJS’s educational mission, we plan to produce a companion study guide. But first comes the recording, which we expect to release in Fall 2016.

As a Jewish woman conductor, I find it so inspiring that the composer, vocal soloists, narrator, conductor and subjects of the work are all women! We will be sure to keep you updated on this thrilling project.

                                                                                                                                                                Noreen Green

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